Legacy Administration Team of the Year

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For any questions, please contact Jamie Hawkins or 0333 1504 936


An outstanding legacy administration team is an invaluable asset in a successful legacy strategy. If your team has overperformed in cases, contributed to your charity’s wider legacy strategy, and raised the reputation and influence of legacy giving within the sector – then do tell us more.

The award will recognise a legacy administration team (comprising of 2 or more people) at a charity that sets sector-leading standards in all aspects of legacy administration, provides input, and leads for legacy marketing, and is flexible yet persistent in its working processes.

Judges are particularly interested in entries that show to what extent your legacy admin team exceeded expectations for the profession, providing far more than a case management service, to help support and build your overall strategy. You will be asked to demonstrate the team’s impact over the last 12-18 months, with evidence up to the awards entry deadline.


This award is open to charity professionals working in or with legacy giving teams. 


Outline how your legacy admin team goes beyond the usual, to provide added value and insight to your legacy team and charity.


As well a fulfilling all the required administration procedures, the winning team will be innovative and lead the way with the latest strategic thinking


Describe the benefits – financial and other - that your admin team brings to your legacy strategy.

Legacy Administration Team of the Year


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For entry enquiries, contact contact Jamie Hawkins on 0333 1504 936 or delegate@smeeandford.co.uk