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Internal Collaboration Champions

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Has your legacy team broken down the internal siloes? Are you masters of internal collaboration? Have you and your colleagues achieved charity-wide engagement with your legacy strategy? Does your legacy strategy encourage and enable internal collaboration via staff education, open working methods, joined-up fundraising, and a more holistic approach to donor journeys? If this is how you do it, then tell us more!

This award will recognise:

This award will recognise a legacy team that works across their whole charity – and beyond their core legacy giving team - to tap into and utilise the skilled and experienced teams across their organisation.  

Judges will be particularly interested in:

Judges will be particularly interested in entries that demonstrate outstanding examples of legacy giving promotion and teamwork across your whole charity.

 You will be asked to demonstrate successful and effective examples of collaborative working with other departments in your charity over the last 12-18 months, with evidence up to the awards entry deadline. 


This award is open to charity professionals working in or with legacy giving teams.


Show us how you are achieving outstanding results by connecting your wider charity with your legacy giving programme


Give details of how you engage, motivate, and educate your charity colleagues on your strategy to get them up to speed


Share how this strategy has improved the profile of legacies in your charity, and other benefits such as increased income, pledges, resource etc.

Internal Collaboration Champions


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