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Growth & Achievement in Pledger Conversion

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After all the legacy marketing campaigns, TV ads, leaflets, communications and events, the end goal for any charity is the conversion of legacy pledges into actual legacy gifts.  In this category we examine and celebrate the skill and effort needed to convert those thousands of promises to thousands of pounds.

This award will recognise:

This award will recognise a significant achievement and growth in the rate of conversion from legacy pledges to confirmed legacy gifts, including how the pledgers were monitored and communicated with along the way.

Judges will be particularly interested in:

Judges will be particularly interested in entries that can show a deeper understanding of their pledger pipeline and can reveal an innovative strategy that has led to this success. You will be asked to demonstrate your achievements over the last 12-18 months, with evidence up to the awards entry deadline.


This award is open to charity professionals working in or with legacy giving teams.


Explain the motivation and method behind your pledger conversion strategy.


Provide evidence on you track pledgers and what systems, training or comms have been used to achieve this goal.


Entry maps a measurable and trackable increase in converting pledgers to legacy donors

Growth & Achievement in Pledger Conversion


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