Excellence in Donor Journey & Pledger Stewardship

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 The road from interested enquirer to confirmed legacy pledger can be a long and winding one over many years or decades. The skills needed to capture and keep a donor’s interest and steward them towards a gift are extensive – and require patience, skill, and tenacity – keeping the donor’s preferences in mind throughout the whole journey.

This award will recognise:

This award will recognise excellence in building and providing an unbroken and steady donor journey from that first important touchpoint to receiving a final legacy gift legacy gift.

Judges will be particularly interested in:

Judges will be particularly interested in entries that can   detail the user journey from first contact to legacy gift.

Please show your relevant measurables: number of contact points, level of engagement, % of retention, as well as the impact & effectiveness of comms methods used.

You will be asked to demonstrate your achievements over the last 12-18 months, with evidence up to the awards entry deadline.


This award is open to charity professionals working in or with legacy giving teams.


Clearly show how your charity provides a steady, considered, and bespoke journey for legacy pledgers.


Outline the communication skills and stewardship techniques used along the way that enabled your success in this area.


Reveal to what extent your strategy with stewardship has benefited your legacy programme.

Excellence in Donor Journey & Pledger Stewardship


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For entry enquiries, contact contact Jamie Hawkins on 0333 1504 936 or delegate@smeeandford.co.uk