Winning a Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Award is a meaningful validation for individuals, teams, projects and partnerships of excellence, innovation and impact. It helps to:

  • Increase the visibility of your legacy giving team with senior management at our charity and with your peers across the sector.  
  • Position you, your legacy team, and your organisation at the forefront of this important sector.  
  • Attract the best legacy fundraising and administration talent to your team and boost team morale.
  • Educate the wider charity sector on the importance of legacy giving as a vital and growing part of overall income strategy.   
  • Celebrate the exemplary levels of skill and efficiency at your organisation and reward your colleagues for their outstanding efforts and work ethic.  
  • Highlight the success of your legacy fundraising strategy to others inside and outside of your charity.  
  • Benefit from useful & insightful feedback on your projects from a diverse and representative judging panel of subject experts, leaders, and trusted practitioners.