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Legacy Fundraising Event 2024

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For any questions, please contact Jamie Hawkins or 0333 1504 936


There are legacy events and then there are outstanding legacy events - the ones that are memorable, touching, inspiring and have the ability to create long lasting relationships between donors and a charity.  If your legacy events are exemplary, then tell us more!

This award will recognise:

This award recognises a legacy event or event series that raised the bar for the sector, exceeded the expectation of your donor audience, and produced meaningful results for the charity.

Judges will be particularly interested in:

Judges will be particularly interested in entries that contain a legacy event or event series that goes beyond the usual and include the extra wow factor – such as an inspirational theme, unusual venue, experts from your organisation.

You will be asked to demonstrate your achievements over the last 12-18 months, with evidence up to the awards entry deadline.


This award is open to charity professionals working in or with legacy giving teams.

Please include up to 3 visual examples /links or images to illustrate your entry.


Describe why your legacy events are the best in the sector – what the aim for and how they achieve your goals.


Demonstrate the events are accessible and understand accessibility needs.


Reveal the results – confirmed and ongoing – of the events and how they have influenced your legacy programme.

Legacy Fundraising Event 2024


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For entry enquiries, contact contact Jamie Hawkins on 0333 1504 936 or