Excellence in Dealing with a Contested Will

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Careful and successful management of a contested case can be an expensive, time consuming and challenging task for any charity – and especially teams with more modest levels of legacy income and resource. The many benefits of treading carefully in case of a disputed probate cannot be underestimated.  

This award recognises:

This award recognises the outstanding level of skill and tenacity needed when dealing with contested probate cases, focusing on a recent stand-out case study that stretched the abilities of the professionals involved.

Judges will be particularly interested in

Judges will be particularly interested in entries gives a leading best practise example of a charity legacy team that has successfully resolved a contentious case working alone or with a legal partner. You will be asked to demonstrate your contribution and achievements over the last 12-18 months, with evidence up to the awards entry deadline.


This award is open to charity professionals working in or with legacy giving teams.

In this category charities can also enter in partnership with an external third party (non-charity) who they work with to achieve best results on contested cases.


Evidence of a legacy team that uses its experience and skill to achieve the very best results in its contested cases.


Show the exemplary management of a contested case that made full use of the skill and resource available to that charity


Show example/ s of how you have Achieved the wishes of the legacy pledger, and the best results possible for your charity.

Excellence in Dealing with a Contested Will


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For entry enquiries, contact contact Jamie Hawkins on 0333 1504 936 or delegate@smeeandford.co.uk